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Product Description:

Cute Turtle Whack A Mole Fun with Hammer – 208

  • Its hammer is suitable for grasping, and the convex veins increase the friction to enhance the grasping power, and baby can quickly strike and beat the hamster. It can cultivate children’s hand-eye coordination and hobbies, which show its multifunctional.
  • Featuring bright color and adorable appearance, children will have a crush on this product. Turn on the switch, the hamster leaps upwards, and it makes an interesting sound when it hits it. The hammer is smooth and round and does not hurt the hands.
  • This product is suitable for home, kindergarten, boys, girls, etc.

Product Specification:

Cute Turtle Whack A Mole Fun with Hammer – 208

Material: Plastic
Age: 8+ M
Package Dimension: 19 x 17.5 x 6 cm

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