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Product Description:

Scattergories Board Game – 129

Each player needs:
• A folder
• A pen/pencil (not included)
• An answer sheet (insert into the slot on the folder)
• A category list (make sure all teams pick the same list!)
NOTE: The first time you play, punch out the cardboard on the
folder to create the slot for the answer sheet.
You can also play in teams.
The first word of your answer must begin with the rolled
• The articles a, an and the cannot be used as first letters.
For example, H is the first letter for the MOVIE TITLE The
• The same answer cannot be given more than once in a
given round. For example, you cannot answer with Gary for
• Creative answers can be acceptable. For example, if the
category is SPICES/HERBS and the rolled letter is P, you
could answer with Posh. But if one player challenges the
answer, the group must vote on its acceptability.
Challenged answers: Players can challenge an answer during
the scoring phase. When an answer is challenged, all players
(even the challenged player) vote on whether the answer is
acceptable. Majority rules. the case of a tie, the challenged
player’s vote does not count.

Product Specification:

Scattergories Board Game – 129

Material: Plastic
Age: 12+ Years
Package Dimension: 27.5 x 19 x 5 cm

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